[xquery-talk] flowrrr - how to structure a function?

Robert Koberg rob at koberg.com
Tue Oct 17 17:20:20 PDT 2006

Michael Kay wrote:
>>> I will ask on the eXist list what can be expected.
>> FYI. I asked on the eXist list and Wolfgang Meier responded with:
>> "No. The functions will be evaluated in the same order as 
>> they are added to the sequence. No problem here."
> No problem, except that you're depending on the way a particular
> implementation works this week. External functions with side-effects should
> definitely be avoided if you can.

Should using XQuery be avoided in a webapp where you expect it to affect 
some condition? If so, what is the use case for XQuery -- just some way 
station on the road to display? That's fine.

What is the recommended way to connect to the results of an XQuery 
statement and something that can make side effects in an 
efficient/realistic way?


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