[xquery-talk] flowrrr - how to structure a function?

Per Bothner per at bothner.com
Tue Oct 17 18:33:57 PDT 2006

Martin Probst wrote:
>My idea at 
> solving that would be to rather return an XML document format that 
> describes the whole HTTP response. E.g. have response:redirect($code, 
> $uri) actually return a value, <?web-request redirect $code $uri ?>, and 
> the wrapper around that should interpret the results. With XQJ and the 
> servlet API, it might even be possible to write something 
> cross-implementation.

Qexo has a function response-header("Name", "value") which returns a
"response-header value".  There are no side effects per se.  However,
when a response is "serialized" to HTTP by the Qexo servlet any initial
response-header value causes the appropriate HTTP response headers to be
set.  (A response header value is actually a top-level attribute node.)


declare boundary-space preserve;
response-header("X-Count", 6+7),
   <p>The translated path was: {request-path-translated()}</p>,
   <p>{let $query := qexo:request-query-string() return
       if ($query)
       then ("The query string was: ",$query)
       else "There was no query string."}</p>
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