[xquery-talk] flowrrr - how to structure a function?

Martin Probst martin at x-hive.com
Wed Oct 18 09:38:17 PDT 2006

> Martin Probst wrote:
>> My idea at solving that would be to rather return an XML document  
>> format that describes the whole HTTP response. E.g. have  
>> response:redirect($code, $uri) actually return a value, <?web- 
>> request redirect $code $uri ?>, and the wrapper around that should  
>> interpret the results. With XQJ and the servlet API, it might even  
>> be possible to write something cross-implementation.
> Qexo has a function response-header("Name", "value") which returns a
> "response-header value".  There are no side effects per se.  However,
> when a response is "serialized" to HTTP by the Qexo servlet any  
> initial
> response-header value causes the appropriate HTTP response headers  
> to be
> set.  (A response header value is actually a top-level attribute  
> node.)

What kind of a result is the "response-header (name?) value" pair?  
Does it fit into the XQuery data model?

Using PIs has the benefit that the result is still a well-formed XML  
document (well, if it was one without the PIs). Also, from my limited  
understanding of XML in general, I think this is exactly what  
processing instructions were invented for :-)


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