[xquery-talk] static typing of XQuery?

Michael Rys mrys at microsoft.com
Thu Sep 21 11:32:32 PDT 2006

Two reasons that I am aware off:

1. Architectural: Runtime errors are "expensive" in the context of an algebraic, index based optimization and execution engine.
2. Philosophical: Early, compile time error detection in a query is good. You don't want to have a query that runs during testing fail because of a runtime type change. It is easier to relax from conservative to optimistic than vice versa.

Note that I think over time we will be offering both. So far customers have rarely complained about the static typing (and if then about the parent axis rules of inferring anyType (on typed data)).

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> > Nope, I don't really expect a grandiose answer from you Mike,
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> Perhaps because they employ more theorists. Pure conjecture.
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