[xquery-talk] Top N Most Common Mistakes

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Curious if the schemas you are facing are mostly machine generated (that
is, from some IDE) or if they are hand-crafted. And if hand-crafted, do
they show any discernable design patterns (by which I mean XML Schema
design patterns). Do any of these issues make the schemas easier or
harder to learn?


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I can't speak for others, but my own most common problems are:

1) When to use braces (practice makes this much easier)
2) When to use commas (practice doesn't seem to help)
3) The fact that typos in path expressions (foo/baz when you mean
returns an empty sequence instead of an error
4) The difference between for and let (practice makes this much easier)
5) Figuring out what is insignificant white space, or whatever it's
6) Understanding that a sequence is (potentially) a forest, rather than
sequence of single values

Oddly enough, the lack of side effects hasn't proved as difficult as I
it would.

And most of my real problems have to do with learning the schemas I am
on rather than XQuery, which so far has proven pretty easy to use,
I'm only up to 100-200 line programs.

-- Ron
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