[xquery-talk] The State of Native XML databases

Keulen, M. van (Maurice) m.vankeulen at utwente.nl
Wed Aug 15 12:50:20 PDT 2007

Dear Elliotte,

Good to assess the state of the art every once in a while.
<http://www.w3.org/XML/Query/#implementations> IMO you do miss a few
important ones though: Galax <http://www.galaxquery.org/> (reference
implementation, open source), MonetDB/XQuery
<http://www.monetdb-xquery.org/> (open source, very fast on large data
sets, advanced full text search and other multimedia extensions,
distributed querying, ...), X-Hive <http://www.x-hive.com/xquery/>
(commercial, fast industrial-strength XQuery engine).

W3C maintains a list of implementations :

Maurice van Keulen.

Elliotte Harold wrote:
> On another list I was recently asked to sum up the state of native XML
> databases, especially open source ones. The result is here:
> http://cafe.elharo.com/xml/the-state-of-native-xml-databases/
> Comments appreciated.

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