[xquery-talk] calculated attribute/ namespace name

Uwe Küssner uwekuessner at web.de
Wed Aug 15 07:22:26 PDT 2007


a short question, i hope somebody can help.

Let's say we have a XML documents like this:

<ele xmlns:a="aa"  xmlns:b="bb"  name="foo" a:name="bar"  
b:name="foobar"  b:x="y" />

The namespace names and attributes are not known before runtime, during 
runtime of a xquery script we have two variables of type string, for 
$namespace := "bb"
$attribute :="name"

here is the question: how can we extract the value of the attribute 
named $attribute with namespace name $namespace?
In the example the value of  "b:name", i.e. "foobar".

thank you very much

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