[xquery-talk] Re: The State of Native XML databases

John Snelson john.snelson at oracle.com
Wed Aug 22 00:51:04 PDT 2007

Frank Cohen wrote:
> As an example... Ilya needs to do transactional node-level updates. How 
> does he get that when XQuery has no updates specification?

That's a fair point which will hopefully be fixed soon with XQuery 
Update. Up until now vendors have created their own update mechanisms 
with varying success.

> XML lets me do typing using complex data types. Some XML DBs support XSD 
> and some DTD while others don't do any validation.

Well I won't go over the discussion we've already had about whether 
schemas are a good thing or not. There's probably not a clear cut right 
or wrong for schema support - rather it will depend on your use case, 
with a large majority of use cases easily satisfied by both camps.


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