[xquery-talk] [Announce] XQilla version 1.1.0 released

John Snelson john.snelson at oracle.com
Fri Aug 31 16:37:23 PDT 2007

The XQilla developers are very excited to announce the release of 
version 1.1.0 of XQilla, with some major new features including XQuery 
Update support (Last Call Working Draft 28 August 2007), streaming event 
API for output, and speed and memory consumption improvements.

XQilla is an XQuery and XPath 2.0 implementation written in C++ and 
based on Xerces-C. It implements the DOM 3 XPath API, as well as having 
it's own more powerful API. It conforms to the both the XQuery and XPath 
2.0 W3C recommendations.

XQilla can be downloaded here:

More information on XQilla is available here:

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