[xquery-talk] Finding a XML-Database to fit our needs

Johan Mörén johan.moren at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 16:30:00 PST 2007

Hi all,

I'm new to the list and work for a company in Stockholm, Sweden.

We are currently evaluating a move from storing our data in a RDMBS (Oracle
10g) to storing it as native XML. The reason for doing this is that all
communication to the persistence layer is done via SOAP and we believe we
can save a lot of effort and time if we persist our data in the same format
as we communicate it to the outside world.

We are looking for a solution that can handle approximately 16 000 000
documents ranging from 50 to 200 KB in size. About 5k to 20k documents will
be updated daily. The documents are all derived from the same base type and
are described by a common schema. There are 5 sub-types that could be split
into different collections where the largest, in terms of number of
documents, would be about 8-9 million in size.

Practically all documents have relationships described to documents
belonging both to their own type but also to the other types so navigation
of these relationships must be possible for querying purposes.

The documents are very data centric, containing very little free text. But
some fields will need to be backed by a free-text-index for querying. Since
operators will work online with the data, query times will need to be
reasonably fast for not to complex queries.

Apart from the above. The database should support:

* Concurrent inserts and updates.
* XQuery 1.0 support.
* Any fragmentation of the documents (to handle the size) should be
transparently handled by the database.
* Both commercial and open source alternatives are of interest.

Any input, experiences and pointers on where to look would be very much



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