[xquery-talk] Extracting XML data from a Table in PosgreSQL

Tony Lavinio alavinio at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 00:33:50 PST 2007

On Dec 26, 2007 7:54 PM, Wei, Alice Ju-Hsuan <ajwei at indiana.edu> wrote:
>   I am a newbie to XQuery, and I currently use a PostgreSQL database to store some of the data in my XML files to run the search using XQuery.
>   It appears that I have to use some sort of collection() to be able to connect my files to this particular database, and from my past experience with SQL, different databases on various  systems have different ways of connecting to it.
>   My XQuery file would be stored on a system different from the database, so is it necessary that I should put a different connection string inside collection() for the file to call up the database? Otherwise, how is it to know which is the one I want?

Which XQuery product are you going to use? collection() is implemented
differently for each engine, so knowing your environment will go a
long way toward getting you an answer. Otherwise, we're just guessing.

The answers will also depend on what the data is stored as. For
example, is the data shredded into separate columns in separate
tables, or is it in chunks of XML inside text fields?

For both Saxon sql extensions and DataDirect XQuery, you would use
JDBC to select the database, but that's only a small part of getting
it all to work.

Can you provide some architectural details?

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