[xquery-talk] File Systems & XQuery

Florent Georges darkman_spam at yahoo.fr
Wed Feb 7 16:24:15 PST 2007

Frans Englich wrote:


  I thought once to something similar.  But...

> declare variable $fs := fn:collection("http://fs-xquery.fs.net/");
> $fs/home/frans/xmlExamples//*[@mimeType eq 'application/xml']

  How would you access a file named 'un:de:mes:fichiers' ?  And...

> $fs/directory[@name = 
eq 'application/xml']

  I definitely prefer the Saxon way.

> Is this idea overkill?

  Maybe.  The Saxon default collection URI resolver is really great to
use.  The question is: is there real use cases that legitimates all




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