[xquery-talk] Dynamic context default values

Martin Probst martin at x-hive.com
Wed Feb 7 19:16:40 PST 2007

>> Actually X-Hive is failing several tests because it's not possible to
>> run an XQuery that does not have an initial context node.
> ..but in that case XPDY0002 should be raised, right? Are you saying  
> that there
> is tests that rely on a context without setting it, or that X-Hive  
> can't
> arbitrarily set the default context which some tests requires?

In X-Hive it's impossible to have an XQuery that does not have a  
context node. You always create an XQuery on a DOM Node, or on a  
Library/Document node, and so all queries have an initial context  
node. This means that a query in XQTS like simply "root()" (which is  
supposed to fail as it doesn't have a context node) will always  
succeed in X-Hive. So the XQTS test cases that expect a failure there  
are not reproducible in X-Hive/DB.


Martin Probst
X-Hive Corporation
martin at x-hive.com

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