[xquery-talk] compare dayTimeDuration ?

Martin Probst martin at x-hive.com
Mon Feb 26 11:27:18 PST 2007


> You are right, but perhaps an end-user documentation will be  
> usefull !!!

I think there are some books on XQuery coming up. Also, maybe your  
product has some documentation with it?

> in fact, i need to check if two intervals overlap.

What's the problem? Given four dates $a1, $a2, $b1, $b2 you jus need  
to check if the points lie inside of the other range, no? And if you  
have $a1 etc. really be xs:date elements you can simply use > and <.

You can use fn:trace by wrapping values in it, e.g. instead of
let $x := ...
return ...
you'd write:
let $x := trace(..., 'trace at foo point')
return ...

This is fully composable, so you can also wrap function calls in it etc.


Martin Probst
X-Hive Corporation
martin at x-hive.com

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