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Re 2: SQL Server 2005's XML-DML extensions are indeed based on the work Dana, Don, Jonathan, I and some others did that served as the input to the current draft. But there are syntactic and semantic differences...

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> Elliotte Harold wrote:
> > I've read over the latest draft of the XQuery Update facility from the
> > W3C. Two questions:
> >
> > 1. How close is this to XUpdate and current XML database update
> > languages?
> XUpdate uses an XML syntax, and has no relationship to XQuery. The
> XQuery Update Facility is an extension of XQuery. XUpdate does not seem
> to explicitly discuss transactional semantics, which are an important
> part of the XQuery Update Facility specification.
>  From informal discussions, I believe that database vendors update
> extensions to XQuery are more similar, perhaps because the original
> proposals go back to 2000, and everyone had read them.
> > 2. Have any databases yet implemented the draft spec? If so, which ones?
> To my knowledge, not in any commercially available software - the
> databases are using their own update extensions. However, the underlying
> model they are using for updates seems to be similar to the model of the
> XQuery Update Facility.
> Hope this helps!
> Jonathan
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