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Srdjan Djuricic sdjuricic at galdosinc.com
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Thank you for your reply, I think my question was not clear.  How can I
determine during run time what I should cast the literal value to?  If a
type is just an atomic value ( which I find out during run time from the
xsd schema ) then I just cast the literal value for that atomic type.
However, if I have unions I can not determine what my 'mask' should be.
As an approach I tried using "instance of" operator to check literal
values but that does not return the result that I was looking for.  As
an example I used 1999-12-31T12:00:00 to check if it is xs:dateTime and
it gave me false.  I am a beginner when it comes to X-Query.  



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> The problem occurs if myProp is a simpleType with an union.  I do not 
> know how to cast the input data.  I tried using "instance of" on the 
> literal value operator but quickly found out that
> instance of xs:dateTime yields false.  If I don't do any casting I get

> an exception.
> Are there any suggestion as to how to deal with this issue?

Does '$foo castable as xs:dateTime' help you?

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