[xquery-talk] regression test recommendations?

Per Bothner per at bothner.com
Wed Jan 17 19:21:32 PST 2007

James A. Robinson wrote:
> Any of you folks have recommendations on available XQuery regression
> test systems?  Or advice to just roll ones own?

I actually implemented 3 regression test systems for XQuery:
(All of these are in kawa-1.8.95.tar,gz, available from
http://www.gnu.org/software/kawa/ .)

(1) gnu/xquery/testsuite/TestMisc.java: A simple class containing
lots of inlined calls like:
     evalTest("let $x:=3+4 return $x", "7");

(2) gnu/xquery/testsuite/TestMisc.java: Reads an XML file containing
more extended tests, with both the actual test program and the
expected results in the same file as the "catalog".  This has the
advantage that everything is a self-contained file.  I used this
to test the various standard use-cases.

(3) gnu/xquery/testsuite/RunXQTS.java: As you might might gather,
a driver around the standard XQuery Test Suite.  Since any
implementor will want to check their implementation against W3C's
XQTS, it may be reasonable to use the same format and driver
for private tests, though I haven't yet done that.  One issue
is that XQTS puts everything into separate files, which means
you get a *lot* of small files.  It might be worthwhile enhancing
the driver so that it can run the testsuite from a compressed
.zip archive, though I haven't tried that.

To run the latter testsuite, I just do:
   java -Xmx100m gnu.xquery.testsuite.RunXQTS /home/bothner/Kawa/XQTS
where the /home/bothner/Kawa/XQTS is the expanded XQTS.

It runs the testsuite quite quickly: The entire testsuite (over
16,000 tests) takes about 1.5 minutes on my mid-range Dell E1405
	--Per Bothner
per at bothner.com   http://per.bothner.com/

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