[xquery-talk] Xquery function problem

"Sebastian Hinterwälder" sebi-hinterwaelder at gmx.de
Wed Jan 24 21:37:48 PST 2007


I am right now writing an xquery which puts out an html page.
The query is working inside of the eXist database. 
Inside the query I would like to process an xquery function only 
if another xquery function is already finished. Therefore 
I tried to create an if-clause with the function as argument 
(  {if( local:bla) then}  ) This does not seem to work properly, 
but also no error is thrown. I hope someone can help me. 
For better understanding I put some code here:

(: in the request I try to get a variable that is only 
true if button is checked:)
let $barchart := request:get-parameter("barchart","")

(: my radio button:)
<input type="radio" name="diagram" id="barchart" value="barchart"></input>

(: try to process a function only if button checked:)
if ( $barchart) then local:transform($list,$diagram)
else ()

(: want to get true only if function is already processed once:)
if(local:transform($list,$diagram)) then (
 <p><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Grafik anzeigen" 
) else ()

I already posted the same thread in the eXist gmane list, but I wasn't able to solve the problem! Here is a link to the old thread:


Hope someone knows how it works?

Greets Sebastian
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