[xquery-talk] Xquery function problem

Wolfgang Meier wolfgang at exist-db.org
Wed Jan 24 22:00:17 PST 2007


> I am right now writing an xquery which puts out an html page.
> The query is working inside of the eXist database.
> Inside the query I would like to process an xquery function only
> if another xquery function is already finished. Therefore
> I tried to create an if-clause with the function as argument
> (  {if( local:bla) then}  ) This does not seem to work properly,
> but also no error is thrown. I hope someone can help me.

I think you did not get the right response on the eXist mailing list
because your problem description is not clear enough. I have to admit
I still didn't really understand what you were trying to achieve.
Well, maybe you could just send me the entire query off list and I'll
have a look at it.


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