[xquery-talk] Xquery function problem

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Wed Jan 24 23:39:36 PST 2007

> > I am right now writing an xquery which puts out an html page.
> > The query is working inside of the eXist database.
> > Inside the query I would like to process an xquery function only if 
> > another xquery function is already finished. 

It looks to me as if you are making a mistake that we see often on the xsl
lists. The query generates an HTML page, which is then rendered by the
browser. By the time the page is displayed - and certainly by the time the
user clicks any buttons - the query has long finished executing. The browser
doesn't know that the page was generated by XQuery. You're confusing the
three processes of generating the HTML page, rendering it, and responding to
user input.

Michael Kay

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