[xquery-talk] Xquery function problem

Sebastian sebi-hinterwaelder at gmx.de
Thu Jan 25 21:30:19 PST 2007


actually it is true that the html page is already generated at first
when the query is executed, but then I have a form which includes a
GET request. At the time this form is submitted the query is executed
again (<form method="get" action="all.xq"> - name of my query is
all.xq)  Now the xquery function retrieves the right parameter
(let $list := request:get-parameter("Auswahl","")) So that is the point where
actually I think the right processing of the xquery function starts. And that is
my problem. I actually want to get a parameter for the amount of time
the xsl needs to generate the svg. So actually the xquery function is
only the iniciator for the process in the backround that I want to know
how long it takes.

here is the function I use:

declare function local:transform($list as xs:string,$diagram as xs:string) as xs:string
let $collection := xmldb:collection("xmldb:exist:///db", "guest", "guest"),
        $out := xmldb:create-collection($collection,"output3")

let $x := transform:transform(local:xmlquery($list),local:xslquery($diagram),())
let $st := xmldb:store($out , "Chart.svg" , $x , "xml" )
let$y := ("")


I hope you can now understand what I mean and can help me. Otherwise
please tell me what is not understandable.



Best regards,
 Sebastian                            mailto:sebi-hinterwaelder at gmx.de

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