[xquery-talk] Release of the GCX XQuery Engine

Stefanie Scherzinger scherzin at infosys.uni-sb.de
Tue Jan 30 18:47:13 PST 2007

Dear all,

you might be interested in our new XQuery engine "GCX"
which is now available for download.

We have just released the first version of GCX as open-source
software under the Berkeley Software Distribution license (BSD).

GCX is an in-memory query engine designed for memory-efficient
XQuery evaluation against large XML documents. The prototype
supports a powerful fragment of the XQuery language, with nested
for-expressions, child- and descendant axes, and joins.

The C++ source code, binaries for Linux and Windows, and more
about GCX can be found at


Your feedback, questions, and suggestions for improvement are all welcome.

The Saarland University Database Group

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