[xquery-talk] xquery and geospatial request

Sébastien Geindre sebastien.geindre at meteo.fr
Mon Jun 4 14:28:32 PDT 2007

And what do you think about such architecture for geospatial web 
services with GML data :

Cocoon server <=> eXist Database with Java extension implemented with 
JTS (Java Topology Suite)

Performance ?? no spatial indexes with this solution....

TigerLogic database does not seem to be opensource....
> A client seems happy with the Java Topology Suite and
> GeoTools, which includes a GML parser.
> PostGIS
> http://postgres.refractions.net
> JTS, GeoTools
> http://docs.codehaus.org/display/GEOS/SpatialDBBox
> http://geotools.codehaus.org/Extending+The+XML+Parser

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