[xquery-talk] Saxon: Java heap space problem

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Oops. I have a typo. It should read:


Available Virtual Mem = 1.96 GB


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When attempting to process a 200 MB file with Saxon 8.9J (Java version
1.6.0_01), I run out of heap space. 


Building tree for file:/D:/PFA/PFA_200509302000_F.xml using class


Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space


        at net.sf.saxon.tinytree.TinyTree.addNode(TinyTree.java:292)


Since I'm already using the default "tiny tree" model, and having closed
down other applications, short of adding more physical memory, is there
anything else I can do? If it matters, this large file is only 2
"lines": the XML declaration and the rest of the file.


Is there anyway of getting a ballpark handle on the max size of file I
can process with Saxon (and Java) if my physical memory is say "N" MB?


Total Physical Mem = 2.048 GB

Available Physical Mem = 1.22 GB

Total Virtual Mem = 2.00 GB

Available Virtual Mem = 1.96 MB

Page File Space = 3.85 GB




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