[xquery-talk] Can I set the DOCTYPE through XQuery (using Saxon8.9j)

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Sat Mar 17 08:09:34 PST 2007

You can set serialization parameters in Saxon using an option in the prolog

declare option saxon:output "method=xhtml";
declare option saxon:output "doctype-system=something.dtd";


or from the command line:

java net.sf.saxon.Query test.xq !method=xhtml !doctype-system=something.dtd


or from the Java API.

And you can ask questions about Saxon on the saxon-help list or forum:


Michael Kay


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> Subject say is all: Can I set the DOCTYPE through XQuery 
> (using Saxon 8.9j)?
> I've looked through the online docs.  During the 8.8j 
> version, I got the impression that there were some saxon 
> specific 'serialization'
> parameters.  However, I can't find them now.
> FYI, I'm generating XHTML and want the DOCTYPE to be there so 
> I can run it through a validtator (xmllint or saxon) to 
> verify that it really IS valid XHTML.
> It is possible? Or, should I just switch to XSLT?
> Thanks
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