[xquery-talk] Sequence from String-Literal

florianwendland at freenet.de florianwendland at freenet.de
Fri May 11 15:24:44 PDT 2007


thanks for the saxon parse() advice. But i need an eXist solution:

Within the eval function,i have the same problem, that exist disallows 
to bind a string literatl to a variable, which is treated like a node 
sequence. I allways get the error, that eXist is not able to cast the 
xs:string to a sequence.

I solved the problem by querying first the whole document and than 
proceed the query locally with saxon. But, this is quiet circumstantial, 
i think. It works, but this is not the best way.

Can someone display some code, how to cast a string literal into a node 
sequence for eXist? I would be grateful.

Berkley DB XML solved this, by passing variables as a XMLValue type to 
the query processor. IMHO, eXist had to implement equal mechanisms as 
soon as possible.


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