[xquery-talk] multiple xquery implementations running side by side

Wolfgang Meier wolfgang at exist-db.org
Mon May 21 00:13:19 PDT 2007


> I was wondering if anyone saw any benefits to running xquery
> implementations connected to each other, I am specifically thinking of
> if I use Saxon as the transformer for Exist, then i end up with a
> second Xquery implementation. Any ideas on how this can be made use
> of?

Do you have any concrete problems with this setup? eXist can use saxon
(or other implementations) as an XSLT engine, e.g. if you call an XSLT
stylesheet via the transform() extension function from XQuery. The
main purpose of this function is to easily post-process XML fragments
produced by your XQuery. You could probably do the same job in XQuery
code, but XSLT is sometimes just more convenient. Forwarding to saxon
certainly implies a small overhead, though it is usually ignorable if
you are just post-processing smaller chunks of XML (and that's what
the function is intended for).


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