[xquery-talk] XQuery Survey

McBeath, Darin W (ELS-STL) D.McBeath at elsevier.com
Fri Nov 9 07:35:38 PST 2007

This year, I will be presenting in late November at XML Holland 2007 and as part of this presentation I plan on providing some XQuery survey results. All of the information will be aggregated and summarized to protect the privacy of the respondents.  I would greatly appreciate your input if you could find the time to answer the questions listed below.  

If you would like to send me your responses directly, please feel free to drop me an email d.mcbeath at elsevier.com.

Thanks again for your time.  


1. How and where is XQuery utilized by your organization? 

2. What are the biggest challenges (technical and non-technical) XQuery poses for your organization? 
3. What are the main benefits of XQuery?  List up to 5. 
4. What are the main weaknesses of XQuery?  List up to 5.    

5. Are you able to use XQuery as extensively as you want to?  If not what are the obstacles you face? 

6. Has XQuery provided some assistance with justifying a business to migrate from legacy formats to XML? 

7. How has your use of XQuery changed over the past year?  Are more projects using XQuery?  How are you using it differently when compared to last year?
8. Do you agree with the following statement?  Why or why not? 
"XQuery is a tool that enables publishers to unleash the power of XML and revolutionize the publishing industry."

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