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>Hello all,
>does anyone know, whether XQuery 1.0 and XQuery Update Facility will be
>merged in the near future to XQuery 2.0 probably? Currently, the
>specifications are different branches, because XQUF extends the
>datamodel of XQuery.
>I've googled and searched in the W3C specifiations, but i i didn't any
>hint concerning these both technologies.

No, nobody knows the answer to that question.  I don't know what you 
mean by "near future", but I can guarantee that it will not happen 
within the next 12 months.

The XML Query WG and XSL WG have charters that involve production of 
XQuery 1.1 and its suite of accompanying documents, possibly 
including XPath 2.1.  The XML Query WG has discussed the pros and 
cons of merging the Update Facility into XQuery 1.1 or into some 
future version of XQuery that is not yet in our charter.  However, at 
this stage, it's unreasonable to expect a firm decision about even 
XQuery 1.1, because work has only just started on that spec.  It's 
not impossible (and there is some support for the idea) that XQuery 
1.1 might include the Update Facility, but that has not been decided 
one way or the other.

Of course, XQuery Update Facility 1.0 will be published as a separate 
specification that augments the Data Model, XQuery itself, the Formal 
Semantics, and XQueryX.

Hope this helps,

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