[xquery-talk] RE: Future of XQuery and XQuery Update Faclilty

Jonathan Robie jonathan.robie at redhat.com
Mon Oct 22 10:01:39 PDT 2007

Hans-Juergen Rennau wrote:
> I think XQUF is not any more a "facility" than, say, FLOWR expressions or constructors, rather it is - would be - a central part of the language, freeing the user from the obligation to think unnaturally. 
Ignore the name. Lots of people agree that updates are really important.

Do you like the current draft, or are there things we should change? I 
can't comment on internal W3C timelines or upcoming drafts, but I do 
think that updates are moving right along now. I also think we were wise 
to wait until the XQuery 1.0 foundation was solid before adding updates.


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