[xquery-talk] RE: Future of XQuery and XQuery Update Faclilty

Thomas Lord lord at emf.net
Mon Oct 22 14:47:41 PDT 2007

Jonathan Robie wrote:
> Thomas Lord wrote:
>> If, in some context, an XQuery is expected to yield a "plain XML"
>> description of pending updates, then it can lazily evaluate these
>> results, optimistically performing updates in exactly the manner you
>> describe, as the query itself is still running. 
> The goal of the update language is to allow XML instances to be 
> modified, not to create plain XML descriptions of pending updates. 
> What you describe could be useful, but it's a completely different 
> problem domain.
> Jonathan

I disagree but I bet we both agree we're at the "leave it at that" point 
in very nice conversation.

Thank you!


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