[xquery-talk] Setting global variables [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Ronald Bourret rpbourret at rpbourret.com
Wed Oct 31 12:36:07 PST 2007


Your first solution is a possibility, but right now I've got everything 
running in XQuery, and it would be nice to leave it that way.

-- Ron

Nicholas.Ardlie at ga.gov.au wrote:

> I'd be interested to hear opinions on this too.
> I found the need for a similar solution and have ended up using both:
> (1) A file of static input variables (passed to each XQuery via a Java
> wrapper) 
> and
> (2) An XMLDB collection loaded with instances of various content models or
> schemas. These models effectively dictate functional behaviour. E.g. in your
> example the "mydoc.xml" containing names data would be pre-loaded and
> accessed by a resolver function in an XQuery module. Which gets called by
> various local XQuery functions.

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