[xquery-talk] You can s4ve 80%

Brianna Brooks jhunter at x-query.com
Tue Apr 1 04:29:55 PST 2008

How about making your friends je4lous and sav1ng a lot of m0ney doing it? Forget about spend1ng thous4nds
of dol1ars on a new R0lex w4tch! Instead, visit the newly redesigned Vach3ron Const4ntin and buy
yourself a beautiful, one of a kind R0lex D4tejust w4tch! 
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Of course, we’re talking about repl1ca w4tches, not the overpr1ced originals...
After all, our R0lex D4tejusts offer the same precise functionality and exact look than their costly
counterp4rts, but you can buy yours for just a couple of hundred bucks. So, come aboard Vach3ron Const4ntin
and take advantage of our extensive col1ection of repl1ca R0lex w4tches, our superb customer service and
our super low pr1ces!
http://www.Vach3ron Const4ntin/

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