[xquery-talk] A Couple of Questions - OOXML and SQL

Vyacheslav Sedov vyacheslav.sedov at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 15:41:41 PST 2008

Extracting data from documents usually not so hard if all documents ofone type are сreated from same template (in most cases it is). Surelyyou can use visual markup from style.xml to make more easy way toretrieve data from documents. XQuery allow joining data from severalxml files (so if any data marked somehow in your document - it`s verygood, but not necessary).
XQuery based on sequences (ordered set) - i guess that any setoperation can be created using base operations (union, intersect,except).
I heard the rumors that Boeing use MarkLogic XML database. Is not it?ML can handle (read&write) archives (both OOXML & Open Document FormatFiles are just archives that contains some xml and possibly somebinary files).
With best wishes,Slav
p.s. Just my opinion - instead of OOXML is better to use Open DocumentFormat (proven, more robust, ISO certified since May 2006, easy tolearn, more widely used then OOXML because OOXML and MS Office are notsame thing and mostly used format is plain binary closed outdated docformat for MSword pre-2007 but not OOXML). Else it sound like "whatbetter for us to use for storing images? PNG or Photoshop"? By the way- MS already support ODF & OpenOffice already support OOXML - maybenot so good as we want but work in progress and almost done. Sodecision about what to use now divided to two questions - which*format* use for storing (ODT or OOXML), and which *program* to usefor creating, viewing and editing documents (MS Office, OpenOffice orsomething else like Google Docs).

On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 9:48 AM, bryan rasmussen<rasmussen.bryan at gmail.com> wrote:> Well, I guess since Word has the ability to incorporate XML data>  defined with a custom schema (I suppose this is also part of the>  standard) then I suppose you can get data via queries on OOXML.>  However I 'm not sure what the problem is with querying non-structured>  data such as represented by most documents, and probably most parts of>  an OOXML document. Most data in the world is unstructured, and in>  documents as opposed to data formats.>>  Cheers,>  Bryan Rasmussen>>>>  On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 7:29 AM, Tsao, Scott <scott.tsao at boeing.com> wrote:>  >>  >>  > During a recent XQuery Overview presentation, there were a couple of>  > questions raised which I am searching for answers:>  >>  >    1. Office Open XML (OOXML) is a file format used by the Microsoft Office>  > 2007 applications. Can XQuery be used to get meaningful information from an>  > OOXML document, or would it only return items based on formatting aspects>  > (all heading 1s, or all list items).>  >>  >    2. SQL is based in part on Set theory from Mathematics, and Set algebra.>  > It allows set operations "update all red projects to green." Does XQuery>  > support set algebra? For example, SQL join is a set operation that has>  > inner, outer, Cartesian forms. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algebra_of_sets>  >>  > Do you have answers to those questions? If you do, please do share!>  >>  >>  > Thanks,>  >>  >>  > Scott Tsao>  > Associate Technical Fellow>  > The Boeing Company>  > _______________________________________________>  >  talk at x-query.com>  >  http://x-query.com/mailman/listinfo/talk>  >>  _______________________________________________>  talk at x-query.com>  http://x-query.com/mailman/listinfo/talk>

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