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Tony Lavinio alavinio at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 20:35:22 PDT 2008

Aren't some of these arguments missing the point a little? Jason I
think hit it. Java (and C#) are a success not so much because of the
language, but because of the class libraries. Perl had CPAN, and even
Ruby really took off when Rails appeared. XQuery is a language, but
with a very small "class library". A larger one would give it more of
a reach.

So XQuery deals with the XML data model. We've extended it to read and
write other things, such as relational data and EDI and even binary
files. So we've got a "class library" that's somewhat larger than the
spec. Saxon has a few extras, and MarkLogic has a robust collection.
Each of us is trying to solve a different set of problems.

If there were several implementations of Java, and each had its own
class library, it wouldn't be so popular, no?

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