[xquery-talk] XQuery and Web 2.0

Maxim Grinev maxim at grinev.net
Sat Apr 26 13:02:48 PDT 2008

2008/4/24 John Snelson <john.snelson at oracle.com>:
> How about moving forward with a few of these suggestions:
> 1) XQuery probably needs a standard native application platform like Rails
> to enable rapid web development. This also gives us a good chance to choose
> a name without "query" in it, which undoubtedly pigeon holes XQuery itself
> sometimes.
I agree with John. Absence of an application platform like Rails is one of
the main reason of not using XQuery widely. According to our experience (we
are developers of Sedna XML DB) with Sedna users only very smart programmers
can build *end-to-end* applications using XQuery. Majority of programmers
cannot even understand where to start from. We need an application platform
and well eleborated  scenarios for all main use-cases of *end-to-end*
Web/Web2 application development. Such scenarious should include not only
database querying/updating but also Web interface development, integration
with other languages and services (including REST services), deployment,

BTW our team can contribute to such a platform.

Maxim Grinev
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