XQuery as a general data processing language WAS: [xquery-talk] XQuery and Web 2.0

John Snelson john.snelson at oracle.com
Mon Apr 28 13:32:29 PDT 2008

Peter Coppens wrote:
> Anyway, XQuery was designed 
> to 'work' on the XQuery/XPath data model and I don't believe anywhere 
> anytime soon your 'typical' developer/architect/designer will choose XDM 
> as its main representation of information to implement (transactional 
> business) logic upon. If XQuery has the ambition to become a general 
> (data) processing language it will have to integrate (or work) 
> seamlessly with <your preferred oo programming language> object model.

I guess that depends on what data you have coming in and going out. A 
large and increasing number of applications have XML/HTML both coming in 
and going out. In this circumstance it makes a great deal of sense to 
write business logic in XQuery  - and I've seen customers who are doing 
exactly that.


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