[xquery-talk] count all the distinct timezones in an XMLdocumentusing XPath

Matthew Rawlings matthew at stickledown.com
Fri Dec 12 13:05:05 PST 2008

Thanks to David Carlisle and Mike Kay I found my mistakes and solved the
problem. The final form of the XPath I used is below:


count(distinct-values(//((element(*, xs:date)|attribute(*,
xs:date))/timezone-from-date(.),(element(*, xs:dateTime)|attribute(*,

xs:dateTime))/timezone-from-dateTime(.)))) eq 1


I am glad I can express it in pure XPath rather than XQuery as then I can
use it in a xs:assert in a schema written in XML Schema 1.1.


I agree with Mike's point about polymorphism - why can't timezone-from-date
and timezone-from-dateTime be the one function with either a xs:date or
xs:dateTime parameter. Both functions return a xs:duration and do the same
thing. It would make the XPath much simpler.






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The nearest to a map() function is the "for" expression


count(distinct-values(for $x in //element(*, xs:date) return

                               for $x in //element(*, xs:dateTime) return

                               for $x in //element(*, xs:time) return
timezone-from-time($x))) eq 1


But there is also the "simple mapping operator" "/" -




It's rather tedious that there's no polymorphism (or support of union types)
so that the different date/time types have to be enumerated like this.


Note that if a dateTime has no timezone, timezone-from-dateTime() will
return (), which is ignored in counting the distinct values.


Michael Kay




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Subject: [xquery-talk] count all the distinct timezones in an XML
documentusing XPath

How can I count all the distinct timezones in a single XML document using


I have an XML document with many elements and attributes with the type
xs:date or xs:datetime. One of the rules of the system receiving my document
is that all timezones must be the same in the document. Ideally I would like
to express this constraint purely in XPath 2 rather than XQuery so I can put
the constraint in a xs:assert statement.


If there was a map function in XPath I would write something like this:


count(distinct-values(map(fn:date-from-timezone(), //(element(*,
xs:date)|attribute(*, xs:date)|element(*, xs:datetime)|attribute(*,
xs:datetime))))) eq 1


This XPath would return true if all timezones were the same, and false


However there is no map function in XPath, so how can I achieve the same
thing without it? What is the nearest I could get.


- Matthew

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