[xquery-talk] Generating xhtml from xml in no namespace

Andrew Welch andrew.j.welch at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 14:08:45 PST 2008

Yeah I saw that, thanks, but it's not really a reasonble solution...
(in my humble opinion)

I will go with xquery building the input to a transform which
generates the xhtml, which is probably a nicer solution than using
just xquery anyway.

I was going to say that generating xhtml should be the #1 use case,
but I guess using it in that way wasn't really expected?

2008/12/17 Jesper Tverskov <jesper.tverskov at gmail.com>:
> I guess a wild card prefix would do as explained in my tutorial
> "Creating XHTML with XQuery", http://www.xmlplease.com/xquery-xhtml.
> for $x in collection(...)/*:path/*:to/*:node
> Cheers,
> Jesper Tverskov
> http://www.xmlplease.com
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