[xquery-talk] Where Clause and XDT:Untyped Issues

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Sat Feb 2 09:57:37 PST 2008

You haven't shown the source document so it's difficult to diagnose. The
only thing that makes me nervous about your code is that you first do
which atomizes items in $ad, and then you do
which looks for children of items in $ad. It's unusual to atomize something
that has children, which makes me suspicious.
Michael Kay


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   I believe I have been passing this question through, but I think my main
question about not been able to put in a where clause in my XQuery after my
second let statement has been declared. In return, I receive all retrieved
results is the issue.


 The code below has been modified from one of the members' inspirations.
Apparently, no matter what I do, it appears that the where clause in the
$sorted_result has never been taken into the output generation. When
executed the script, it gives me back everything, whether or not the word
"baseball" was in the head. I have 197 distinct values in my list. 


let $ad := fn:collection("xmldb:exist://db/my")//ad

let $sorted_result:=

for $doc in distinct-values($ad)

where contains($ad/head,'Baseball')   

order by $doc

return $doc

for $r at $count in $sorted_result

let $nodes := $ad[. = $r]




Showing Result: {$count} / {count($sorted_result)}





What I want here is just something simple, I want to be able to put in some
form of where clause so I can eliminate more of my current result output. 


Any hints on this would be appreciated.



Alice Wei

MIS 2008

School of Library and Information Science

 Indiana University Bloomington 

ajwei at indiana.edu

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