[xquery-talk] Where Clause and XDT:Untyped Issues

Torsten Grust grust at in.tum.de
Sat Feb 2 13:41:50 PST 2008

Hi Alice,

it might very well be that

   where contains($ad/head,'Baseball')

should be replaced by

   where contains($doc/head,'Baseball')

($ad is invariant in the loop and thus makes for a questionable
filter criterion).  It is hard to tell, though: as Mike already
said, you didn't post (a sketch of) your data.


On Feb 1, 2008, at 23:31, Wei, Alice J. wrote:

> Hi,
>    I believe I have been passing this question through, but I think  
> my main question about not been able to put in a where clause in my  
> XQuery after my second let statement has been declared. In return, I  
> receive all retrieved results is the issue.
>  The code below has been modified from one of the members’  
> inspirations.  Apparently, no matter what I do, it appears that the  
> where clause in the $sorted_result has never been taken into the  
> output generation. When executed the script, it gives me back  
> everything, whether or not the word “baseball” was in the head. I  
> have 197 distinct values in my list.
> let $ad := fn:collection("xmldb:exist://db/my")//ad
> let $sorted_result:=
> for $doc in distinct-values($ad)
> where contains($ad/head,'Baseball')
> order by $doc
> return $doc
> for $r at $count in $sorted_result
> let $nodes := $ad[. = $r]
> return
> <ad>
> <statistics>
> Showing Result: {$count} / {count($sorted_result)}
> </statistics>
> {$nodes}
> </ad>
> What I want here is just something simple, I want to be able to put  
> in some form of where clause so I can eliminate more of my current  
> result output. [...]

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