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Carl-Christian Kanne cc at informatik.uni-mannheim.de
Wed Feb 6 11:30:40 PST 2008

			X I M E - P   2 0 0 8
		    5th International Workshop on
		XQuery Implementation, Experience and Perspectives

				June 13, 2008
                      co-located with ACM SIGMOD

* Workshop Focus and Theme

XIME-P 2006 invites original research contributions as well as reports
on industrial efforts on the implementation, utilization, and overall
prospects of XQuery.  Like the earlier editions of the XIME-P workshop  
XIME-P 2008 will be held just after ACM SIGMOD/PODS conference
(http://www.sigmod08.org/), in Vancouver, Canada.

One year ago, the family of XQuery specifications achieved W3C  
status, and several industrial-strength XQuery implementations have  
available since then. In particular, all major DBMS vendors have  
extended their
RDBMS products with XML features and with varying degrees of XQuery  
In addition, there are companies who are using XQuery for content  
web services, etc. A comprehensive list of XQuery implementations can  
be found at
http://www.w3.org/XML/Query/. With this strong interest in XQuery, the
standardization effort for the next version of XQuery is under way,  
with a
focus on more powerful features, such as updates, full-text and  

One of the fascinating aspects of XQuery is that work on the language
specification and its implementation is happening on the verge of  
systems, information retrieval, document processing, and programming  
For example, XQuery full-text extensions aim at striking a balance  
between the
worlds of structured and unstructured data. XQuery has attracted users  
from a
wide variety of application domains, and its use is not limited to  
DB server architectures. Computer science research and industry have  
found quite
a number of promising -- and sometimes completely disjoint -- avenues  
to approach
the challenges resulting from these different XQuery usage scenarios.  
''heterogeneity'' in contributions and attendees has been a source of  
discussions, panels, and an interesting technical program for previous  

The XIME-P 2008 program will feature talks and panels on research as  
well as
demonstrations and industrial efforts on the implementation and  
utilization of

* XIME-P 2008 Topics of Interest

Topics of interest include the following (though interesting and/or  
papers on all aspects of XQuery are welcome): 	

* XQuery variants and extensions
   - Coherent XQuery subsets
   - Embedded XQuery
   - Distributed XQuery
   - Scripting /programming with XQuery
   - XQuery full-text extensions
* XQuery applications and architectures
   - The role of XQuery in Web 2.0
   - XQuery and computing in the sciences
   - XQuery for information retrieval
* Optimization of XQuery for demanding applications
   - Compilation vs. interpretation
   - Cost-based optimization strategies
   - Schema-awareness in storage and processing
* XQuery lessons learned
   - Performance evaluation
   - XQuery debugging
   - Teaching XQuery

-- Keynote Speech

Jim Melton (Oracle, XQuery W3C Working Group Chair) will deliver the  
2008 workshop’s keynote address.

-- Paper Submission

XIME-P 2008 calls for original contributions relevant to the open list  
topics sketched above.  We explicitly welcome ''war stories'', and  
reports on
innovative, off-beat, and ''early stage'' approaches to the  
implementation and
application of XQuery as long as the submission meets the high quality  
of the XIME-P workshop series.

+ Papers should be formatted according to the ACM guidelines and
SIG proceedings templates available at


+ Papers should not exceed 6 pages in length (including references and  

+ Papers should be submitted in PDF.

+ More details on the submission process will be given on the XIME-P  
2008 web
site (http://www.ximep2008.org).

-- Workshop Proceedings Publication

The primary publication medium for XIME-P has been and will be SIGMOD  
This mode of publication ensures wide dissemination and high  
visibility (e.g.,
in the ACM Digital Library and Michael Ley's DBLP index).  Online  
proceedings will
be additionally hosted at the workshop web site, http://www.ximep2008.org 

For inclusion in SIGMOD DiSC, we will ask the authors to transfer   
their copyrights

-- Important Dates (Tentative)

   - Paper submission:           Fri, March 28, 2008
   - Notification of acceptance: Fri, May 2, 2008
   - Camera-ready papers due:    Fri, May 16, 2008
   - Workshop:                   Fri, June 13, 2008

-- XIME-P 2008 Workshop Co-Chairs

   - Carl-Christian Kanne                - Fatma Özcan

     University of Mannheim        	   IBM Almaden Research Center
     Mannheim, Germany                     San Jose, CA, USA
     kanne at informatik.uni-mannheim.de      fozcan at almaden.ibm.com

-- Program Committee

Andrey Balmin, IBM Almaden Research Center
Denilson Barbosa, University of Calgary
Giorgio Ghelli, University of Pisa,
Torsten Grust, Technical University Munich
Mary Holstege, MarkLogic
Yannis Papakonstantinou, UCSD
Michael Rys, Microsoft
Jayavel Shanmugasundaram, Yahoo Research
John Snelson, Oracle
Jens Teubner , IBM Watson Research Center
Till Westmann, BEA

Please address questions or comments to the workshop chairs directly.

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community at large.  Go to www.cs.wisc.edu/dbworldfor guidelines and  
posting forms.
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