[xquery-talk] Function and Query Evaluation with No XML Tags Error

Wei, Alice J. ajwei at indiana.edu
Fri Feb 29 10:30:37 PST 2008

From: Michael Kay [mike at saxonica.com]
Sent: Friday, February 29, 2008 10:18 AM
To: Wei, Alice J.; 'Kevin Grover'
Cc: talk at x-query.com
Subject: RE: [xquery-talk] Function and Query Evaluation with No XML Tags Error

>   It may not be the problem, but to illustrate this issue, I
> have a short XML clip below:

Please try and think before you post. Your query asks for things with BASKET
in the <head> element but your desired output includes things without BASKET
in the <head>. Moreover, there are no duplicates in the input, so the
problem clearly has nothing to do with the function that removes duplicates.

Nope, my query wants the head that contains "BASKET", and in the things it brought back, it brought back Basketball, which does contain "Basket."
Unless, you are suggesting that is not how contain() works?

We all make mistakes, but you are wasting everyone's time.

Michael Kay

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