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Nicholas.Ardlie at ga.gov.au Nicholas.Ardlie at ga.gov.au
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Is is that you want the count of all children of the projection nodes? E.g.


Or maybe all descendents? E.g.



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Hi Alice,

You are iterating over the nodes in $project//projection, binding each 
one in turn to $head. So your query is quite right in telling you that 
$head contains 1 item!

You probably want something like this:



Wei, Alice J. wrote:
> Hi, XQueriers:
>   I have an XML here as follows:
> <project>
> <projection><!--More Markup--></projection>
> <projection><!--More Markup--></projection>
> <!--More markup-->
> </project>
> My XQuery:
> declare boundary-space preserve;
> for $project in
> $head in $project//projection
> return
> <statistics>sum({count($head)})</statistics>
> I intend to get the result of how many items in <projection>, but when I
execute it, it only gives me lots and lots of <statistics>sum(1)</statistics>
> until the document is finished.
> Can any expert out there help me out and tell me what is the matter with my
> Thanks to those who can help.
> Alice.
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