[xquery-talk] distinct-values in Where Clauses

Michael Kay mike at saxonica.com
Thu Jan 17 15:35:09 PST 2008

The argument to your call of distinct-values() is a single boolean. If you
call distinct-values(true()) the answer will be true(); similarly
distinct-values(false()) is false(). 

Once again, I have to admit defeat in correcting this query. I simply can't
work out what you thought it might mean. (Sometimes people find it difficult
to explain their requirements either in XQuery or in clear English. If
that's the case, it often helps to show the input and your desired output.)

Michael Kay

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> Hi, XQueryers
>    I am processing some nodes of information using a lot of 
> different "or" in my query structure. Here is the XQuery:
> declare boundary-space preserve;
> declare variable $text external;
> <text>{
> for $find in doc("resume.xml")//div,
> $note in $find/note,
> $head in $find/head,
> $desc in $find/p
> where
> distinct-values((contains($desc,$text)) or 
> (contains($note,$text)) or (contains($head,$text))) return 
> <div> <head>{data($head)}</head> <p>{data($desc)}</p> 
> <note>{data($note)}</note> </div> } </text>
> The query itself is functional, but the problem is that even 
> though my distinct-values function has been set, there are 
> still duplicates. Can anyone help out?
> Thanks to those who can help.
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