[xquery-talk] Query Through Multiple Files

Florent Georges lists at fgeorges.org
Sun Jan 20 15:39:32 PST 2008

"Wei, Alice J." wrote:


>     As for the point on using the template you provided,
> since I use the TEI, I don't think I could use it. I did
> use Liam's suggestions,

  I wonder why it is not possible to use a document list with TEI?

> for $ad in (
>        doc("1.xml"),
>        doc("2.xml"),
>        doc("3.xml"),
>        doc("4.xml"))//ad

> and the error tells me

>  FORG0006: Effective boolean value is not defined for a sequence of
> two or more items
>   starting with a string
> Query processing failed: Run-time errors were reported

  Once again, you didn't give us enough information.  Is it really the
whole query you tested?  I doubt of that, you hould have somewhere an
expression that use the boolean value of a sequence...



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