[xquery-talk] How do Java Xquery technologies fit ?

Carlo Innocenti minollo at minollo.com
Sun Jun 22 22:50:13 PDT 2008

   you may find the information about how DataDirect XQuery generates 
SQL useful: http://www.xquery.com/white_papers/generating_sql/index.html

You'll probably also find useful information about DataDirect XQuery, 
XQuery in general and XQJ on our blog: http://www.xml-connection.com/

But if you have any specific technical question that is not answered 
by the material on the xquery.com website or on the blog, please do 
not hesitate to contact our support organization 

Hope this helps,

At 07:14 AM 6/20/2008, you wrote:
>Hi, I am about to embark on a project that will require me accessing 
>XML sources as well as relational databases and would really 
>appreciate some help in trying to navigate through alot of what has 
>me confused.
>Firstly I should mention I am new to XQJ and Xquery. I started a few 
>days ago with Michael Kay's "Learn XQuery in 10 Minutes" tutorial 
>which I found really helpful and have written a few queries since.
>I am struggling to understand where XQJ ends and products like Saxon 
>and datadirect Xquery begin. What I am also wondering is the extent 
>to which products like datadirect Xquery have utilised the XQJ API 
>to provide easy access to a relational database and how an XML view 
>of a relational database can be derrived ?
>My only guess at the moment is that it makes an SQL call to retrieve 
>all the column names and builds some sort of internal schema using this ?
>I'm I right in thinking that the XQJ API alone offers no such 
>automatic connection to table columns in a non XML relational 
>database. If this is the case my questions is whether Saxon can be 
>modified to do this (if at all advisable) and what work I would need 
>to do to achieve this.
>At present my assumptions range from having to write my own JDBC 
>driver (that can generically talk to several databases) as well as 
>devising some sort of Xquery to SQL translation. I noticed when 
>playing with the evaluation version of DataDirect Xquery that it 
>loaded what appears to be a saxon module ? This again has me 
>confused as to how all these technologies fit in with one another.

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