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Naveen hanumara naveen.h at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 05:19:18 PDT 2008


I'm new to xquery and have been trying to understand the XQJ implementation
and also how saxon tackles it. I am aware saxonA is schema aware.
What is the requirement of XQJ as far as validation is concerned ? I
understand it is open as far as validating XML and doesn't tie down to one
format such as XSD.
If XQJ chooses to be non specific to the XSD schema, how does the saxon use
of createSchemaElementType (that appears to associate the XML file to the
XSD) differ to what is proposed by the JSR ?

>From what I can see XQJ does specify  XQSequenceType and XQItemType. Am I
right in thinking these are similar but not the same as XSD types ? Am I
right in thinking the schema aware
version of Saxon has mapped the XSD type to the variations within
XQSequenceType and XQItemType ?

Can I provide type for my XML elements, attributes etc outside of an XSD
using XQSequenceType and XQItemType ?

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