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  Sorry, that was a typo.
  As for the issue with the union operator, I only want anything that matches that, but I don't want duplicates. For example:

Showing Result: 2 / 20</statistics>
        <head type="main"> The Key¡ªto your future! </head>
        <head type="sub">
"Already master keypad my Elka Lodge and 38
                        apartments¡ªcourse is practically paid for!"
<emph rend="italics">Adelindo Orsi, Jr., Azusa, Calif.</emph>
<p rend="bold">Be a LOCKSMITH Like Me/</p>
Add to your income with easy spare time earnings¡ªcash in on the
                        nationwide shortage of skilled locksmiths. Quickly step into a highly paid
                        position or a business of your own.
        <information>Source from page <pb n="25"/>

  I specified that I want anything that is case insensitive with "KEY" in there. However, since I have another group with similar node structure in another page as indicated in <information> node, the same information is presented again. I don't have this problem when I only run the search asking for only <head> containing certain text, therefore I am guessing it must not be the distinct-values() issue.

Or, is it?

Thanks for your help.

Alice Wei
MIS 2008
School of Library and Information Science
Indiana University Bloomington
ajwei at indiana.edu
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In your second query, "intercept" should be "intersect"?

Union is functioned on nodes. And two nodes nodeA and nodeB are
duplicates only if they satisfy "nodeA is nodeB". In the xpath
expression, tags <head>, <p>, <note> and <address> locate different
nodes, which are not duplicates. Thus "union" gives all of them, and
"intersect" gives none.


On 3/15/08, Wei, Alice J. <ajwei at indiana.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
>  I have a strange output here from the web application using xquery. I intend to use the union operator here to combine all the results of the possible tags I intend to run search against, but it turned out that the $count variable below, which the similar XPath has been used to call the function as well for the query, does not exclude duplicates. What it appears to do is giving me all the tags that contain the the phrase $search to my query
> let $search := upper-case(request:get-parameter("search", ""))
> let $count := count(collection("xmldb:exist://db/cbml")//ad/((head union p) union (note union //address))[contains(upper-case(.),$search)])
> When I used
> let $count := count(collection("xmldb:exist://db/cbml")//ad/((head union p) intercept (note union //address))[contains(upper-case(.),$search)])
> it gives me no output.
> However, the first line I had, it gives me back as many times the phrase $search has been used in the four parameters.
> If anyone needs to see more of my query, I would love to provide it, but the query itself is very long.
> Can anyone please give me tips on what might have gone wrong here?
> Thanks to those who can help.
> Alice
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