[xquery-talk] Comparing XML Databases to Object Databases

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Actually LINQ is adding declarative iteration and filters to procedural languages. But, like the scripting extension of XQuery, that allows complete composability of updates and queries, it can compose with side-effecting expressions and thus can be non-declarative (this is not true for LINQ on SQL that is being translated to SQL and thus is more constrained).

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> 4) The rise in interest to more closely combine program logic
> with query logic (LINQ etc.)

Actually, this is very much what object databases tried to do, and I think
it's a mixed blessing.

I think it works if you raise the level of the programming language so that
it's declarative and has awareness of the database schema and type system.

I don't think it works if you lower the level of the data manipulation
language so that it's procedural and lacks that awareness. That's what a lot
of object database systems tried to do, and I think it's what LINQ does.

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